Wednesday, July 26, 2006

they could be your parents

The kids clean up nice en route to see their mother in Shakespeare in the Park's production of the Tempest. Hilary was fantastic and the entire play was very entertaining.

famous artist

Look for the How-to behind Marie's painting in the fall issue of Growing Up Chico available at many locations throughout Butte County.

resale value

We added a couple of backyard amenities. (note to parents: extra two hours free time per day)

Alarmed Robber

This guy wakes me up every morning.

aerial dance

Hilary and I took the kids out to see the show. for more info go here.

Beware of scare

Patrick's Point

We were able to get away to the coast and completely enjoy ourselves. Here are a few flicks:

dia de los immigrantes (si se puede)

I headed down to the capital for the rally/protest. White shirts stretched around the capital block. I didn't see Arnold but I did get some good shots. Here are a few:

goobye tighe, hello...

After 15 years of head and face hair Tighe decides he wants it off. (summer was safely in San Diego) He came over, the video camera came out, and the hair came off. Video footage to follow.